Do I Need A Rash Guard?

Do I Need A Rash Guard?
If you see the word rash guard, you can guess it's meant to protect the wearers against rashes. But we are frequently asked: Do I need a rash guard?
Short answer: Yes.
Nowadays, it's most commonly used in two athletic occasions, surfing and BJJ. However, we've learned from our customers reviews that rash guards are suitable for many sports activities due to its high-performance multi-functionality. It's UPF50+, moisture-wicking, quick dry, rashes preventive, and a little bitt compressive to support your muscle movement. So in addition to surfing and BJJ, athletes start wearing rash guards for many other water or outdoor occasions under sun exposure, such as running, cycling, hiking, canoeing, diving, sup, hiking, climbing, etc.
For surfing, because wax is used on boards to provide traction while surfing, it can also be abrasive to your skin. With hours of paddles and slides, your skin could start to chafe. Wearing a rash guard can protect you from these irritations! Our rash guard also provides UPF50+, so it can protect you from harmful UV rays without hurting our beautiful ocean with the sunscreen you wear.
For BJJ, whether you train with or without gi, you need to have a good rash guard. It protects your skin from scrapes and mat burn. Our rash guards also provide "moisture quicking" and "quick dry" functions, soaking up your sweat before it goes into your gi.
For new sports players, we encourage you to release your beast potential in all kinds of sports occasions with our gears. For advanced sports players, you must be very familiar with information above, but we hope Huge Sports can give you better company during your sports sessions!
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