Who We Are

Hugesports is a platform that provides re-imagined & re-invented sports & outdoor apparel with focus on quality & cost optimization.

Dream Huge
Huge Sports not only sells big name brands, but also brands that love to
get deep with their products and care about the future of sports & outdoor apparel just like us.

Act Now
At Huge Sports, this is the brand that we aim to re-engineer the classic and highly demanding pieces and make
them into next-level sports apparel at affordable prices. We did the small and functional twist to the
piece, and aim to have huge impact to our sports & outdoor lovers.

Our Story

Huge Sports' team is a behind-the-scenes team in textile industry, who has made many global sports apparel brands up and running for over 35 years. With our integrated supply chain, we knit, design, develop, cut, sew, pack and sell, all in house.

We do not (yet) have the fantastic
portfolio or charming brand ambassador, but have a global, dedicated and professional team who loves and passionate about sports and outdoor apparel, and can't wait to bring our products to everyone like us.

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